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our top six from the Gamer Affirmations Collection:

1. GLHF, Babe Mug
You know it's going to be a good round when, before the game even starts, the chat is full of "glhf". Wishing someone "Good luck, have fun!" should be the norm, but its become a courtesy that shows other people that you're not going to throw the game, or scream obscenities at them.

...The bar's on the floor.
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2. Cozy Game Day Candle
After snoozing your alarm twelve times and realizing you've slept through your 8:00am class, as well as your 10:00am class... and your 12:00pm class... You grab a cup of tea, put on a fresh pair of pajamas, and resign to the fact that you're just going to do your homework a different day. You have a virtual farm to run.
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3. Touch Grass sweatshirt
It's a Saturday. You've been holed up in your room since you rolled out of bed, and you haven't seen a shred of daylight through your blackout curtains. After taking a break from your game, you realize you don't even know what the weather looks like today. You decide to go... outside. You may never be the same again.
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4. Playing on easy mode sweatpants
Once school or work is cancelled due to snowy weather, you have all the permission you need to What's the point of playing a video game if you don't have any fun playing it? Sometimes, the way to have the most fun is to put your favorite game on the easiest setting and completely obliterate any enemies in your path with a single arrow. Leave playing on "Master" for when you have more brain power.
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5. touch grass framed print
A groovy style of the "Touch Grass" design on a 8x10 framed print
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6. taking time to recharge mug
After a long day's work of either a 9-5 or school, the best way to unwind after the stress of a busy day is to find your favorite game and play for a few (or more) hours. Before you know it, you'll find yourself feeling rejuvenated... just in time to go to bed and do it again tomorrow.
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Featured mug
Navi Fairies Glass Mug
The Legend of Zelda - Clear glass mug | 10oz
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Featured Hoodie
"Take A Nap?" Snorlax Hoodie
Come and check out the most popular design from the Pokemon collection
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Featured candle
Playing Sims on my laptop
11oz Woodwick | Vegan | Phthalate & paraben free | Jasmine & Ozone scented
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Animal Crossing
Animal Crossing LEaf Mug
Simple, Iconic, and perfect for any Animal Crossing lover!
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Featured blanket
The Creation Blanket
Version 2 of "The Creation" from The Legend of Zelda collection
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The “Roost Coffee” design features Brewster’s shop logo in the style of a certain Very-Popular-But-Shall-Not-Be-Named coffee chain on a 15oz ceramic mug
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All the cozy essentials featured on a stainless steel tumbler, perfect to carry around with you wherever you’re gaming today!
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