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The Minecraft collection is a collaboration between Threads & Thistles Inventory and Gracie Wold. Gracie is an online influencer and big fan of Minecraft. She even DIYs her own Minecraft accessories in her spare time! Minecraft is a Sandbox videogame developed by Mojang studios. In Minecraft you explore a blocky 3D world with infinite land to explore. There are endless possibilities to what you can create, or you can go into survival mode to avoid monsters as you start building and improving upon your home.

You can follow Alyssa at TTInventory on Instagram here, and Gracie on Tiktok here. Enjoy the collection!

The Minecraft collection
1. Playing Minecraft | glass mug
After a long day of work or school, there’s nothing better than curling up at your desk with a mug of your favorite drink and going mining. Or picking flowers. Or any of the millions of things you can do in Minecraft.

The “Playing Minecraft” mug is the perfect accessory for those days where all you want to do is play Minecraft ‘till the sun comes up. Which – let’s face it – is every day.
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the minecraft collection
2. minecraft bee beanie
Ya like jazz?

The “Minecraft Bee” beenie design is, well, just that. Buzz buzz.
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the minecraft collection
3. milk and love
“You are the player. The story. The program. The human. Made from nothing but milk and love.”

Everyone loves those adorable Mooblooms. Cows and flowers? Together? What could be better?
Moobloom milk. Made with honey harvested from little pixelated bees.

The “Milk and Love” design features a line from the end-credits poem titled “End Poem” written by Julian Gough, surrounding a creative rendition of what we think a carton of Moobloom milk would look like. Grab two wheat and some cocoa beans to craft some cookies, and you’ve got the perfect snack to share with that special someone you’ve placed your bed next to.
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the minecraft collection
4. glowstone dust candle
Haven’t you always wanted to know what glowstone dust tasted like? …No? Well, now you can see what it smells like.

The “Glowstone Dust” candle is a naturally sweet scent, the perfect scent for cozy gaming.

(It’d definitely taste like PixyStix. Just saying.)
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the minecraft collection
5. pickaxe throw blanket
One of the worst things that can happen while playing Minecraft at three in the morning is your pickaxe breaking, scaring the crap out of you.

Don’t worry, the pickaxes on the “Pickaxe” throw blanket will never break on you – you can keep your volume all the way up.
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the minecraft collection
6. blue orchid
Imagine looking through some poor villager’s house that you’ve broken into and you end up finding a dusty tome, full of notes and drawings of the flora and fauna of the Minecraft world. This is what we think the page about blue orchids would look like.

The “Blue Orchid” design is a realistic, scientific take on the rare flower from Minecraft.
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