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Since the overturn of Roe v Wade, many people are unable to get healthcare they desperately need if they are in a situation where an abortion is needed. TTInventory has decided to donate 10% of the profits from the Feminist Gamer collection to organizations that can help give them access. As a woman owned & founded business, we take the issue to heart and we stand with those affected. Below you will see two new designs @meesesgaming and I have added to the collection. If you have suggestions on where you would like us to donate, please let us know here. Thank you for your support and donations <3

the feminist gamer collection
Feminist Gamer sticker sheet #1
Sticker sheet includes: "It's Not Game Over Yet"; "I Want Rights"; "Not Your Gamer Thot"; "Nerf the Male Ego"; and "Rescue Yourself?" (Individual stickers also available in accessories)
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the feminist gamer collection
I want rights
Princess Peach knows not only what she wants- but what we all need. ( Various apparel & color options available with this design)
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the feminist gamer collection
It's not game over yet
It's not over yet, let's be the change. ( Various apparel & color options available with this design)
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new Stardew Valley & Animal Crossing designs are here!

You've all been asking for more, and I was more than happy to do it! Two of the most popular collections in the shop now have many new designs to enjoy, and on new products. In these collections you will find bucket hats, tank tops, and crop tops!

My Top 6 favorite new designs:

The Animal Crossing collection
1. Squeakoid bucket hat
One of the best things about the Animal Crossing: New Horizons update that released in November of 2021 was the return of the gyroids: collectable little dudes that were featured in previous games. Who wouldn’t want a bunch of little guys hanging out on their islands?

The “Squeakoid” design features one of the cutest versions of the gyroid, which dances and squeaks along to whatever music you put it next to.
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The Stardew Valley Collection
2. Me Sell Hats tank top
Down in the Cindersap Forest, past the Wizard’s Hut, there lies a decrepit hut where a small mouse lives and sells hats for… frankly, pretty inflated prices.

The “Me Sell Hat” design features a minimalist version of the hat mouse’s portrait in Stardew Valley, with the contents of their first letter to you: “Me sell hats. Okay, poke?”
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The Animal Crossing collection
3. I Am a Rich Man
One of the most iconic interviews that Cher did was the one where she recalls a time where her mom told her to eventually marry a rich man, to which she replied:

“Mom, I am a rich man.”

The “I Am a Rich Man” reflects how every Animal Crossing player feels once they have a few bags of bells they got from selling bugs or getting a really good turnip price. Who needs Tom Nook when they have themselves?
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The Stardew Valley Collection
4. Pelican Town t-shirt
Rep the quiet little town from Stardew Valley with the “Pelican Town” design, featuring the classic mountains from the opening screen of the game, as well as the iconic phrase of the Junimos: “Keepers of the forest”.
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The Animal Crossing Collection
5. The Roost Coffee framed print
Can we all just take a moment and be grateful that real coffee shops don’t offer pigeon milk in their drinks? No offense to Brewster or anything, oat milk is just far more preferable. And... less creepy.

The “Roost Coffee” design features Brewster’s shop logo in the style of a certain Very-Popular-But-Shall-Not-Be-Named coffee chain.
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The Stardew Valley Collection
6. Good Humor babies Blanket
… If you know, you know.

The spirits are in good humor today. It’s a good day to go to the Witch’s Hut to place a Prismatic Shard on the Dark Shrine of Selfishness. You've seen this design before, but we've simplified it for a cozy blanket!
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Navi Fairies Glass Mug
The Legend of Zelda - Clear glass mug | 10oz
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"Take A Nap?" Snorlax Hoodie
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The Creation
Version 2 of "The Creation" from The Legend of Zelda collection
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