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halloween collection

Fall is here, and so are the new seasonal designs! From now until November 1st you can grab these seasonal products in TTI. There are many new designs that have been added, so make sure to check them out for the perfect Halloween gaming experience!

Our top 6 from the halloween collection:

seasonal product
1. game time, witches hoodie
The "Game Time, Witches" design features a pin-up style witch playing her switch (heh, that rhymes), ready for fall and probably picking out her Animal Crossing character's Halloween costume.
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seasonal peoduct
2. afk beanie
Sometimes, you just need to check out for a bit - to grab some food, stretch your legs, or make yourself a hot mug of coffee. This is especially true when you're gaming. Round after round after round of losing (or winning, frankly) can be exhausting. Taking those five minutes to refresh is one of the best things you can do to keep your spirits up so you don't get burned out on your favorite game.
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seasonal product
3. Don't kill my vibe
What's worse than playing your favorite game and having your dumb cat step all over your keys, making you shoot your teammate by accident?

Nothing. That's right, Fluffy. Go hunt a mouse or something and stop harshing my sweet, caffeine-induced mellow.
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seasonal product
4. #Jumpscare frog mouse pad
Who needs creepy animatronics screaming at you when you can have...


No YouTubers overreacting here, the "#Jumpscare" frogs are really that scary.
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seasonal product
5. drippy afk hoodie
The "AFK" design features the acronym in a repeated pattern, in a creepy Halloween-themed font. What better way to silently announce your status than with something so cute and spoopy?
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seasonal product
6. Gaming and Witchcraft Puzzle
Once the first tree in your backyard turns from green to yellow, it's time to break out the Halloween decorations and morph into your inner witch. And what's a better way for a witch to wind down after a full day of brewing, casting, and concocting? Gaming, of course!
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you can help make a difference

Since the overturn of Roe v Wade, many people are unable to get healthcare they desperately need if they are in a situation where an abortion is needed. TTInventory has decided to donate 10% of the profits from the Feminist Gamer collection to organizations that can help give them access. As a woman owned & founded business, we take the issue to heart and we stand with those affected. Below you will see two new designs @meesesgaming and I have added to the collection. If you have suggestions on where you would like us to donate, please let us know here. Thank you for your support and donations <3

the feminist gamer collection
Feminist Gamer sticker sheet #1
Sticker sheet includes: "It's Not Game Over Yet"; "I Want Rights"; "Not Your Gamer Thot"; "Nerf the Male Ego"; and "Rescue Yourself?" (Individual stickers also available in accessories)
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the feminist gamer collection
I want rights
Princess Peach knows not only what she wants- but what we all need. ( Various apparel & color options available with this design)
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the feminist gamer collection
It's not game over yet
It's not over yet, let's be the change. ( Various apparel & color options available with this design)
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If you haven't seen these products from TTI, then you're missing out! See what the majority of our friends in the gaming community are buying from our shop

Featured mug
Navi Fairies Glass Mug
The Legend of Zelda - Clear glass mug | 10oz
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Featured Hoodie
"Take A Nap?" Snorlax Hoodie
Come and check out the most popular design from the Pokemon collection
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Featured candle
Playing Sims on my laptop
11oz Woodwick | Vegan | Phthalate & paraben free | Jasmine & Ozone scented
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Animal Crossing
Animal Crossing LEaf Mug
Simple, Iconic, and perfect for any Animal Crossing lover!
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Featured blanket
The Creation
Version 2 of "The Creation" from The Legend of Zelda collection
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The “Roost Coffee” design features Brewster’s shop logo in the style of a certain Very-Popular-But-Shall-Not-Be-Named coffee chain on a 15oz ceramic mug
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Come meet the
TTI team

Hello gamers, my name is Alyssa. I may be the founder of TTI, but I wouldn't be here without the help of my partner, Thomas. Even woman owned businesses need support from their best friend! We want to help diversify the world of gaming, and we want you to join us. Come over and read more about us and our mission!