1. Designs that will be selected to be put into the store must not be specific to a video game, since I will potentially be doing my own collections based on specific games. You are free to do movies (assuming it is not tied to a video game) since I will not be doing movie based designs for my store.

2. Design must be copyright friendly (original and or creatively transformed from an original concept), it cannot be a stolen image. If you are an artist and you are selling your design on another platform, you are not allowed to enter and you must choose a new design that will be original for the store. Designs cannot be AI generated.

3. Your design can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be! If you are selected as the winner for the month, you must have a PNG file that is 150–300 DPI. The design will be emailed to me and we will discuss further there.

4. I will be handing everything with the design once it is in my possession for the store, and you will receive credit as the artist as well as 10% royalties for as long as the design is in the store. I hold the right to remove the design from the store at any time. You are free to email me at any time with any questions.

5. I will send out notifications for when you are able to submit designs. You will have one week at the beginning of every month to submit your design! Your design will be available in the store by the end of the month on *one* product type which we will discuss via email.


1. A "heart" emoji on a design is a vote! At the beginning of every month I will give you two weeks to vote on designs.

2. You are free to chat in this thread, and it's encouraged! Expressing interest in a design, however, does not count as a vote. Only hearts count as votes.

3. Please be respectful- we are not asking you to critique designs. This will be a community collection, so we are simply asking for you to vote on designs you love and that you would like to see in our community collection.