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About me: I'm a 27-year-old bisexual woman, happily married to Thomas (He/Him), my bisexual gaming partner. Together, we make the perfect cozy chaos duo :)

Before jumping into Twitch, I launched my online gaming boutique "Threads & Thistles Inventory," which is why I go by the name TTInventory!

Beyond that, I'm a Lord of the Rings nerd, a Zelda fanatic, and you'll rarely catch me without a cup of coffee in hand. I might be a bit of a workaholic, but it's all fueled by my genuine love for what I do! 💖✨

Wanna join the goose pond?

TTInventory Twitch

If you enjoy chaotic cozy vibes, then you've come to the right place. I stream cozy games and coworking streams while lightly screaming and chaotically flailing in our slippers. (;

Tuesday: 5pm (Lately: Skyward Sword)
Thursday: 5pm (Lately: Skyward Sword)
Sunday: 8am (Lately: Modded Stardew Valley expanded & then games with @cozygames)

This stream is a silent stream where I am interactive with chat while we work together and listen to lofi beats. You can even add your own tasks to the task board with me- and we have the kitty cam! Every weekday morning starting at 8am

Every week: 9:15am stretching & 7pm bedtime stories
Once a month (check calendar & discord): Movie night & sub game night

Day in my life content

TTInventory Youtube

I'm gonna get up close and personal here with all the behind the scenes shenanigans and unsolicited tips and tricks that you may or may not have asked for. Come and hang out!


- Day in my life

- Tips & tricks for business and socials

- Q&A

- Gameplay

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Our discord is super active, and we want to get to know you! We laugh, we cry, we share photos of our fur babies, and we meet up to play games. Come find likeminded friends and join the community!